XF 1.3 How to export from computer to FTP

Thanks Brogan . I will look at that now . I guess I am doing the opposite of the guide I am duplicating a live site from a test site. On xaamp where would the database be ?
thanks Brogan . I found the directories in my localhost thanks

Ok I have accessed my file manager , here is a screen shot below on the left ftp.jpg

where would I upload into ?

And Would I upload only my "community" file from xaamp from my computer as well as my directories from local host ?

thanks. First time I have ever seen this stuff.


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You will need to upload all of the files from your localhost installation directory to the directory on your server, depending on where you want it installed.
If you want the URL on your server to be in the root, then that is more than likely going to be www.
thanks Brogan
Ok I will upload using my file manager to the "www" catagory -cgi-bin on my cpanel ftp.

when I press the upload button it only lets me upload 1 file at a time. It wont let me upload the whole C:\xampp\htdocs\community file.

Am I in the right place?