Duplicate Home page with header, navigation and footer


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Thank you for the links, Brogan, however those links are asking for a full blown CMS system.

What I'm asking for is a very simple home page that has a single template called HOME. This HOME template is where one can describe their forum. The sidebar can be optionally included.


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Hi Brogan,

The solutions I have found so far require quite a bit of modifications in order to create a simple Home page that includes a header, navigation and footer.

I hope others would like a this sort of simple integrated home page built into the core of Xenforo.


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There is no option to create a vanity URL.

Even with the Route Filter option in 1.2 it wouldn't be possible as you want the home page outside the forum root.

You will need a custom add-on for that.


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Okay thanks for trying, I do appreciate the effort.

Hopefully the developers will see a need for this and provide it in the future. There already is an option to make the the first tab the Home page and have it call a simple index.php file, I'm just asking for that page to have a header, navigation and footer.

Again the Home tab would call: