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Help for a styling question

Discussion in 'Styling and Customization Questions' started by AndreaMarucci, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. AndreaMarucci

    AndreaMarucci Well-Known Member

    Hello, I've noticed this new good style at xenfans.com


    and I would like to implement the way the single posts look.

    Now my forum look like this
    Screenshot 2011-05-27 a 16.53.27.jpeg

    but I would like it to look like this one

    Screenshot 2011-05-27 a 16.54.24.jpeg

    I don't know if it's difficult or not or how to do it since I'm not a coder and I'm not proficient in CSS, so I'm here to ask if anyone can help me doing that. I've asked the coder the permission to post the request here...
  2. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    John designed that style. It's for sale at xenstyles.com. If you don't want to purchase it, you'll need to ask him if you can use the postbit, and for the code.
  3. AndreaMarucci

    AndreaMarucci Well-Known Member

    I know. I've told him that I don't need the entire style but I would like to implement this part on my site. He replied about a tutorial he's working on about this issue some time ago...
  4. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    Yeah I just read there that he said he could probably write a tutorial. You'll need to wait for that.
    You should probably ask about it at his site, xenstyles.com.
  5. AndreaMarucci

    AndreaMarucci Well-Known Member

    Sure. Just asking here if maybe anyone has some ideas on how to do it in another way...
  6. John

    John Well-Known Member

    Sorry Andrea, I haven't forgotten you, just been really busy lately. I'll try and get this posted at xenfans this weekend :)
  7. AndreaMarucci

    AndreaMarucci Well-Known Member

    Thank you very very much John :)
  8. AndreaMarucci

    AndreaMarucci Well-Known Member

    Hello John, any news about this one? Don't want to press you, just asking :)
  9. Ryan Kent

    Ryan Kent Well-Known Member

    Andrea, I have looked closely at the differences. The 3rd and 4th images in your original post appear to be the identical style as the 1st and 2nd images.

    Try this....

    Find two members who's title is "New Member". Next, modify the information displayed on the avatar card which appears in threads. For example, your card on the official XF site only shows "AndreaMarucci, Active Member". Match the information on your site to only show Name, Title and Member Since, just like what appears in images #3/4 in your original post. ACP > Appearance > Style Properties > Message Elements > Settings.

    At this point I believe you will have exactly what you want unless you also desire a color match. The colors can easily be changed in ACP > Appearance > Style Properties > Message Layout > Avatar Holder (pretty sure that's the one you want).

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