Looking for a developer to help improve my welcome banner.


Looking for a develop to help me my welcome banner.

Problem: I upload images with custom design/text to announce new content on my forum. However due to the banner image increasing in size with resolution this text will be too big, cropped or just not look nice. It may look great on my macbook pro 16", but really bad on my ultrawide monitor.

Solution: I would like to have two image layers for my banner. One layer is a background image, used for the texture, which like now, continues to resize itself with the resolution changes. The second layer would sit on top, and contain the image with the written content. This would remain in a fixed place and size, no matter what happens to the resolution. I would create a standardized design that works for all content. The design looks like this:

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 8.54.50 AM.webp

I imagine an addon that gives me banner control settings to apply the two image layers, one dynamic to screen size and one on top that remains fixed. Bonus ask is I would like an addon that just lets me manager all my banners really easily. So that the 3 smaller thumbnail banners below the welcome banner can also be changed by simple upload field (currently its custom code I edit)

Here is my forum - Trancefix

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