XF 2.2 Help for a newbie with View Node permissions


I am very new to XenForo. I'm dealing with a forum imported from vBulletin and trying to set permissions.

We have a private node for Moderators and Admins.

The XenForo Docs say:

Private nodes​

When setting the permissions for a node, you have the option to make the node private. Enabling this will prevent all access except where explicitly granted.

This is ideal for creating staff-only forums. To do this, you would make the forum private and then set View node to Yes for the administrative and moderating user groups.

My question is:

Where do I set View Node to Yes for the administrative and moderating groups?

I'm visually disabled, but I've been able to find most settings. Would someone be so kind as to give me a click path from the Admin console to do this?