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XF 1.2 Setting up permissions for users across various usergroups for a private node


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I noticed a similar discussion going on in this section; but thought I'd rather ask my question in a separate thread. I've ready Brogan's guide already; but still not sure how I do this -

What I have now:

1. I've a new 'Category' , marked as 'Private Node'.

2. I've a new forum inside this category; and I want select users from my site, who belong to different user groups to have special permissions to this forum.

It looks like the best option for me - is to create a special 'usergroup' and then allow this usergroup to have access to this private forum (inside private category).

I've been trying to add node-permissions to users individually; but it's turning out to be totally complicated.

Do you think creating a new usergroup is the only option?


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A user group is the way to go if you are going to be allowing access to multiple members.
Yeah, I tried that.

  1. I created a new usergroup.
  2. Assigned this usergroup as secondary usergroup to everyone I wanted to have access to the private forum.
  3. I created 'View' permission for this new usergroup to the private node.
...and then I 'test permissions' - and they still can't 'see' the private node! Analyse permission shows that one of the other usergroups these guys have, do not have 'view' permission to the private forum, and that's why they can't see it.
I believe that I am attempting something similar but cannot get it to work (see screen grab below).

- I've created a parent category called "Collaboratory Discussions", and I've made this category private.
- Under this parent I've created a forum called "Information Technology" and I would like the IT Group to be able to access this forum, but NONE of the other forums under the "Collaboratory" category.
- I've set Node Permissions for the IT Group under the Information Technology Forum to "Allow" for viewing and all Forum Permission.

Why can't my user, "Tony", who is part of the IT Group see the "Information Technology" forum???

Ownlcloud Private Forum Permissions.JPG