As designed Hard-Coded Style Property @dimmedTextColor


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Not strictly a bug and it may be as designed, but I figured it couldn't hurt to report it and see.

The following style properties, based off the default style, are hard-coded in all areas or just certain areas, such as the background color, instead of pulling styling from the color palette like everything else:

  • @ctrlUnitLabelError
  • @textCtrl
  • @textCtrlDisabled
  • @formElementPrompt
  • @textCtrlFocused

  • @button
  • @buttonHover
  • @buttonActive
  • @buttonDisabled
  • @signupButton

Form-Type Overlays:
  • @formOverlay
  • @formOverlayLink
  • @formOverlayButton
  • @formOverlayLabelHint
  • @formOverlayTextCtrl
  • @formOverlayTextCtrlPrompt
  • @formOverlayTextCtrlDisabled
  • @formOverlayTabHover
  • @formOverlayTabActive

Member Card:
  • @memberCardBox

There are others, like alerts and tooltips, but those definitely look intentional. The ones listed above looked questionable to me, and, again, figured it wouldn't hurt to see.

Steve F

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The only one that could be a oversight in my opinion would be the @textCtrlDisabled color (#646464) which is @dimmedTextColor.


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All of these have reasons why they are done like they are.
Just out of curiosity, what would those reasons be? I can understand, for example, the alerts because they're different from all the others, but I wasn't sure about the others.

It's not a big deal, though. Like with everything else, you can customize it to your needs. I personally have everything pulling styling from the color palette (e.g., @secondaryDarker for the text color and @tooltipBackground for the background color for alerts).

Chris D

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To take one example, @formOverlay background is black. We have some existing colours that are black but none that have the transparency, but also they aren't logically grouped, e.g. just because you turn the text control colour to be red, you wouldn't want your overlay backgrounds to then become red. So we could create a new form overlay colour in the colour palette, but it's only really used in one place (e.g. the in the @formOverlay background property), so there's little point.

So it's mostly those kinds of reasons. There are others that may have different reasons. I'm actually unsure we'll change the dimmed text colour one either for the reasons mentioned. It also may have been intentional, but we'll let Mike comment on that as he knows the history.


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At this point, I don't see a particular reason to change anything. As pointed out, the vast majority are intentional; the color palette doesn't refer to every single color in use.