Not a bug Delete Thread Overlay Button Text Hard-Coded


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I believe that may actually be the same case here.

Anyway, this button is in multiple areas, such as when deleting a profile comment, but for this example, I will use the thread route.

Go into a thread and do the following:

Thread Tools > Edit Title

The Delete Thread button has hard-coded black text.

In xenforo_overlay.css:
        .xenOverlay .formOverlay a.button

            @property "formOverlayButton";
            color: black;
            @property "/formOverlayButton";
Text needs to be controlled by a style property / variable -- one of the button ones, obviously.


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Edit the formOverlayButton style property. You should be able to change it.
I wonder why it's its own style property and not controlled by the other button style properties...

Anyway, thanks. Please move this and mark it Not a Bug. :)