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XF 1.4 GT Metrix Tweaking


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Hi everyone,

Just playing around with this well known tool @ GT Metrix.


So my site is pretty snappy on page loads, but I'm always looking for ways to further tweak any areas I can. I'm using memcache for now, and running my own box with SSD, dual quad cores, 16GB RAM, GigE uplink, etc.

Results show F grades on two areas:
Defer parsing of JavaScript
Remove query strings from static resources

I'm new to XF (only 2 weeks now). I'm not sure how to properly address these 2 correctly and would appreciate your advice. It advises to enable gzip compression. Is this a good idea with XF and if so, what's the best way to do that specifically for XF?



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I added this in config.php but GT Metrix is still showing the recommendation to enable it, after re-running the test. Right now getting 82% Speed Grade and 70% Yslow grade.

$config['enableGzip'] = true;


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I recommend you enable gzip compression in your webserver. This site is useful: www.tweaked.io

I get A A in GTMetrix, although it's not optimized yet.
  • Remove query strings from static resources.
  • Defer parsing of JavaScript.
I get the same for xenforo.com/community in GTMetrix.com. Is it planned to improve this in XenForo 1.5?