XF 1.2 Tweaking The Auto-Conversation When Warning Members?


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Currently when you warn a member for whatever reason (lets say advertising), by default the system sends them a link to their post to remind them of the content, however on my forum we always delete the post in question. It wouldn't make sense to leave the advert on display or any post that breaks the rules so we select the 'delete the content' option when warning the user. The problem with this is when the user selects the text to view the post they are being warned on it just gives them an error as the post no longer exists, which renders the option useless.

Does anyone know of any simple code that would take them to the thread where the post resided in before deletion instead of the post itself which now no longer exists? I know it isn't a perfect solution but it may help to remind about what it was they had posted, especially if it was done recently.

Ideally (within the private auto-conversation) the warned post contents would be quoted for the warned user to see and a link to the thread that the message was posted in.


Your message ([url={url}]{title}[/url]) contains inappropriate advertising or spam.
If anyone has any ideas on this it would be much appreciated. If it's not possible or nobody knows, then no worries, thanks for looking and trying to help out :D.