XF 1.5 Group Promotion and User Upgrade


I have some User Upgrades on my site. If users buy a plan they will be added to an extra secondary user group.

Now I have an idea: At a users birthday they should get the extra secondary user group too (without buying a plan). It seems that the extra secondary user group removes when the user not longer meets the group promotion requirements. That's good!

But what happen, if the user has an active user upgrade too? If would be fatal if the extra secondary user group is removed when the birthdays ends and the user has an active user upgrade.


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The system can handle when 2 things try to add the same group and ensure it keeps the group until both are no longer applicable.

As a side note though, promotions only run when users are active. If you give the promotion group to the user while it's their birthday, they may keep that group for a period after it, though generally only when they're not active. Just a heads up in case you do things like banners for the promotion.