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GoodForNothing Gift User - Allow your users to purchase account upgrade as gifts for other users... Supports Paygate

So... what does this add-on do?
Good question... This add-on adds an extra feature to your community: Enable users to send gift to each other.

Note: This add-on is in BETA stage... I've tested it on two different test boards and worked as expected so I am publishing this add-on. If you get any error instead of bashing please post a server error log or any related transaction log. And do describe your scenario as much as...

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@Rob just to be clear... it would be something like if an admin gift's a member an account upgrade... It'll be automatically be added, bypassing the payment gateway?
Yes, but the alerts should still be generated telling the user they're upgraded via a gift. I guess admins (whoever has permission) should also have the option to gift anonymously.
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Retook the project, added new features, fixed potential conflict

So I retook this project as quite a few of the members asked me to. So here you go.

I've added the functionality to enable visitors with the right permission to bypass the payment processor. This is helpful when an admin is gifting a user, and you wont want to make the payment on your own account :P

I've also added a fix that will hopefully fix a potential conflict Waindigo's User Upgrades add-on.

Cheers! (y)

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Unfortunately I cannot install this, as it alters the xf_post table. It stalls my board out so long I have to terminate the processes. We have 15M+ posts. I guess I could close the board down sometime, and see how long it'd take to complete.... I killed the "alter table xf_post" process about 10 minutes after this screenshot. Hmm...

You can view any upgrade by changing the id on the following URL:{id}

This will allow you to see any upgrade, even if it is not active for gifting. This can be a bit misleading (if someone links it) as you can pay for it via PayPal (and be charged), but you don't actually get the upgrade (as you shouldn't). So instead, you should obviously get the same response if you were to enter a non-existent id ("The requested page could not be found.").
Hi this is an interesting add-on, can the "admin gifting" be automated?
Also, I saw on a screenshot there's a tag on a thread to mark it as "gifted", but I don't see any button/function/call to action where people are encouraged to send this poster a gift. Like a "buy me a beer" kind of link. If you want people to use this opportunity, it needs some kind of advertising. Or did I miss it?
Well like an automatic gift when a user triggers some action like a trophy, a promotion, or a purchase (an upgrade, that is)...

Ahh thank you, now that's interesting :)
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