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GoodForNothing Classifieds - Allow your members to list items for sale, exchange, etc. No need for "classified forums" anymore!


How to buy
Please check the FAQ :)

We all know what a classified app does, right? For those who don't know: GoodForNothing Classifieds allows your users to list items/adverts that they want to sell or exchange for a price or something else. It's kind of like what eBay does....

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Post-Installation Note:
If your admin account is not a super admin, you will have to add the new admin permissions by GFNClassifieds before you can access the classified pages :)
I'm thinking about purchasing this and I see that a feedback feature is in the works. Will we be able to import the existing feedback from the XenCentral Trading System? I'm sure that alot of board owners that have an existing classifieds forum is using this feedback system or one like it and being able to import existing feedback would be important to our members.
I've got some error's during installation. I've installed at first the GFNCore.xml successfully, but after that i tried to install GFNClassified.xml and run into these error's ..

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-25 um 23.32.21.webp 2015-07-25_23-33-12.webp 2015-07-25_23-34-39.webp

FYI .. I use Xenforo 1.5.0 Beta 3.
Yes, i had an 500 Internal Server Error during the first Time. So the addon was in the acp but not complete. So i tried to uninstall and reinstall.
You will be redirected to a page to enter the public and private keys. Please ignore this page for now and next start with the configuration.
Hi, is it possible to install and have a look in this addon in a testforum before i go live to use it?
Hi, is it possible to install and have a look in this addon in a testforum before i go live to use it?
Hello, according to our license terms, you are allowed to install the add-on on one live site and one test site. And the test site's hostname needs to be either 'localhost' or a subdomain of your live site's domain :)
Mr. Goodie2Shoes updated GoodForNothing Classifieds with a new update entry:

Fixed a bug with category association and some minor improvements...

There was a bug with category association with the other modules which was reported by @ichpen and @empire that has been resolved in this version.

Minor improvements include:
  • Disabled scroll wheel scaling of Google™ Maps in the location tab.
  • Added a new admin options under "Basic Settings":
    View attachment 112537
  • If there's only one package available to the user, it will be auto selected.
  • Same goes for advert types. :)
  • Code...

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@Mr. Goodie2Shoes nice to see you're working on this so expected add-on (y)
Is there (or maybe ll be) an opportunity to select product for sale from goods list? Like most marketplaces do...

F.e. my board got some goods list for discuss and sale... Аnd it'll be logical not to create tons of same classifieds about one product. User select category (or some next levels) and choose product from product list that board stuff will create for that category (in Admin panel). Just like selecting a category. So you as a buyer just need to go/search for that product and see all offers from all users that sell this product.

And one more question. It is possible to flter products by seller location? Not as keywords field in the classified search form. On classifieds page...

Thank you!
Can you point me to a template file to modify the default currency? I know you are working on an add-on to handle this, but is there a way I can throw "gold" in the list?


Also, are there plans to integrate the gallery with XenMedia?
Lastly, is there a way to limit the number of images someone uploads based on the category?
Also, is there a way to allow the users to set a custom ad duration?
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