Good theme guide


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So I am novice themer when it comes to XF and I need to know if there is a good guide to make a nice looking theme. I need to know basically it all, what effects what. What the basic folder structure for the images are, everything. I know my CSS, HTML, etc but XF confuses me. :p I want to make something similar to this site but Idk how to make the header wider and taller, how to add custom buttons, etc. Yes This includes how to get/make the xml file!


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You could place them anywhere. Personally, I don't worry about it because I never plan to release my themes for public use. Just more so toying around with XF on WAMP.

I'll either place them in in styles > themename > xenforo > images
Or I'll create a new folder customimages in my main directory.

As long as you know where it's at for your reference. I've never been good with organization >.>