Can't find a theme like... this one.


Some time ago someone posted a similar question. A member was looking for a Reddit type theme and another member linked to what seems to be a very good looking theme:

BUT, that theme is no longer active (I wonder why) and I am wondering if anyone knows of something similar. That theme reminds me of Discourse, Vanilla Forums type layout — an all-in-one list of active conversations, newest ones being at the top.

I looked and searched this forum for certain keywords, but came up empty.
The design was sold but it was never released:

The recent posts could be achieved on any style using widgets. I like building pages using this: as it has far greater control over the widgets versus the stock ones.

The latest 3 poster avatars would need an add-on I believe.

The node categories on the left side would ideally need an add-on (the forum list is not exposed on every page by default). One does exist by @Ozzy47 for this

Trending threads could sort of be achieved using a search forum and setting specific criteria to meet "trending".

Looks wise, there are some styles out there I suppose. My Bolt style is pretty easy to work with: - Canvas (this layout is a little harder to work with color wise)
@Russ You were somehow able to pack an incredible volume of valuable information I've been looking for in a single reply, for which I am super thankful. Webinsane's template is among the most beautiful products I've seen executed for XF, so kudos to him for nailing it.

The addon you linked to is equally allowing for similar customization, thank you.
I use a slightly modified version of the last posters avatar on my site, you can see it in action at the links below

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