XF 2.2 Getting 'oops! we ran into some problems' with a 409 error

Theo Smit

This occurs when trying to register or to use the contact form. The Javascript console gives the following:
PHP: <script>document.cookie = "humans_21909=1"; document.location.reload(true)</script>
Some Googling around this problem (including the cookie name) reveals that some hosts automatically block URLs containing certain strings and 'contact' is specifically mentioned. Apparently my host (www.verio.com) has gone and done the same thing... but the last time I talked to them, they seemed uncertain as to the nature of the problem although they did mention that I was not the first person to contact them about it.

So... has anyone here encountered and/or resolved this problem? I see that 2.2.6 is currently available. Would it by any chance rename these URLs to dodge the host blockers? Is it reasonable to go and rename these URLs (and how would that be done without messing up the base XF functions)?
The only viable solution is for the hosts to configure their software to have more sane defaults.

A website with a "contact" URL is not an unusual thing so blocking that certainly seems overzealous.

I don't really advocate changing your URLs to counteract this, but if you absolutely have to then you can do so using the Route filters function in your admin control panel.

From route:

To route:

However, you may well find that you'll get the same error in other cases, too. Such as if a member creates a thread containing the word "contact" in the title.
Chris, thanks for the pointers. I may have to do this, since answers I got from Verio so far are not very satisfying.

One thing that I did figure out, is that there is no problem if I right-click the Register button (or the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the main forum page) and select 'Open link in new tab'. Then it brings up the appropriate dialog in the new tab. And it must resolve whatever cookie issue there is, because after that I can left-click the Register button, and it brings the dialog up as an overlay on the forum page.

This workaround requires a right-click and 'open link in new tab' individually for each of the two pages (Register and contact) so maybe this is a local caching thing? I can clear caches on the browser and it still works, but the next day the workaround needs to be applied again.

Thanks again for any insight anyone can provide.
You honestly just need to keep trying with your host. That isn’t normal and simply not how the software works - which it does on practically every other host.

If they can’t provide a satisfactory conclusion I’d strongly recommend you find a new host who knows what they’re doing.
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