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Gamigon.com - Another gaming community (that role plays)

Discussion in 'Forum Showcase and Critiques' started by NewtonParadox, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. NewtonParadox

    NewtonParadox Member

    Site launched about 2 hours ago. We were known as Gray lines gaming before.
    I am using a customized version of pixelexit style. This is very much a work in progress and i am no where near done. The goat is our mascot and custom made for the site.

    Last edited: Nov 18, 2014
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  2. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    Awesome job on customizing Gamer Time (y), looks great!

    Best of luck with the site
  3. NewtonParadox

    NewtonParadox Member

    Thank you for releasing it. It was exactly what i was look for.
  4. mightlife

    mightlife Member

    Hello there,
    Great to see another gaming focused use of Xenforo :)

    I like the layout - nice and simple. The colours are used well and not overdone.
    The 'top & bottom' arrows are great! Is that an addon from here or part of the theme?

    A couple of things:
    - On 'Community Discussion', GLG is still mentioned in the description.
    - As I was searching, I noticed that the word typed in is in black and cannot be seen on the black background of the search panel.

    Haven't found any other issues.
  5. NewtonParadox

    NewtonParadox Member

    Thank you for pointing out those mistakes. I fixed the search bar color and that typo. Having little bit of a hard time finding the settings for the text color in the dropbox menu. I will find it.
  6. mightlife

    mightlife Member

    Xenforo is kind of complicated! Well, to do it right and make your install look different ;)

    Is there a Gaming Xenforo Admins community/ forum/ thread? Perhaps there should be.
  7. NewtonParadox

    NewtonParadox Member

    I enjoyed customizing. I still have much left to do. I am not sure if your saying I did it right or if your saying I didn't. Either way it's all good.
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  8. MQK8

    MQK8 Active Member

    Very nice looking site, well done. I don't get the domain but it looks like your forum is growing ! Good luck ! :)
  9. mightlife

    mightlife Member

    Sorry for the confusion.

    You did it right! I think it looks great - I'd be proud of it :)
  10. NewtonParadox

    NewtonParadox Member

    Thank you very much.
  11. NewtonParadox

    NewtonParadox Member

    Thank you Mighy!
  12. Fuhrmann

    Fuhrmann Well-Known Member

    Really cool effect on that menu.
  13. NewtonParadox

    NewtonParadox Member

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