Duplicate  Gallery?


I am currently an IPB customer and thinking about giving xenforo a try, but I didn't see a gallery. Are there plans to add a gallery for xenforo?


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Well I don't know anything for sure, but there might just be a good to great probability of one of the members here coming up with a gallery addon in the very near future.


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I actually have a simple gallery I will be releasing once I get home from holidays. Shortly after I will start work on a fully featured gallery that integrates very nicely into... everything.


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Or you two can Team up and work on that same Add-on which is not bad idea and continue with supports and more exciting features :)
My simple gallery will be much more simple then that. It is just a gallery, no bloat like comments. The non 'lite' version will be much more advanced like the popular galleries you see with other forums.
And I would possibly team up but I am fairly anal when it comes to code and whoever it was would have to be very good and want to do it for money. I do web stuff to pay my bills, not because I'm some nice guy making stuff for everyone else to make money off.