XF 2.2 Push a member's uploaded media to their gallery page?


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I have the XFMG gallery installed on my forum. Several members have uploaded media (pictures) to forum threads, and I'd like to have those photos included in their gallery.

Is there a way to selectively include forum media in a user's gallery? I know they could upload it a second time, but I'm hoping there is something that I the admin could do.

Thanks everyone!
Not direct to an individual users gallery. They need to create their own albums and then upload the images to them. They can then share from those (but the look of the image is different than if it was uploaded directly).
This is one of the biggest issues I have with my users... they prefer to upload to the forum node... and it never hits the gallery... or at least it didn't until I enabled the mirror feature to mirror those images from a node to a specified gallery.
Now, this did "piss" some users off (causing the to leave the site). Guess there is no happy medium.
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