Trying demo can't figure out how to create a media page or gallery page

When I am in admin I can create one for the admin.

But when I switch to a user I created he can not.

How do you do it please?

Thank you
Thank you for your message.

Yes I have them as permissions. I actually gave the green permissions to everyone.

I still can't see how to make a gallery with the user I created.

Tracy Perry

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If the permissions are correctly set, click on Add Media and you should see something similar to this
Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.27.02 PM.png
Just choose "Create an Album"
You mean when I am in Admin or as the member?

I don't see it in either one.

Could be because I am in demo mode?

I know I tried to do a few other things and was told when you pay you can do it but the demo did not work the same 100%

As admin all I did was make a post with a picture and it automatically created a gallery and that picture was there.

Thank you

Tracy Perry

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As admin all I did was make a post with a picture and it automatically created a gallery and that picture was there.
Errr... as for "making a post", if talking about in the forum, I don't believe you have the ability to upload to the gallery from there (but you can embed from existing images from any gallery you have uploaded images to).
As for the gallery itself, if you don't have the correct permission set to add albums then you will not see it (Admin normally has all permissions).
You specifically need (for that user group) to make sure that your settings in the XenForo Medial Gallery Album Permissions are set appropriately for that user group.
Suffice to say, it does work (as the screenie I attached is from a normal user account on one of my forums).
Unluckily more detailed help is not normally provided in the public area like this but in the licensed holder area.

Chris D

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The demo is fully featured, with all default options enabled, and a load of default permissions.

All newly created users in the demo should have the default permissions automatically -- the same permissions the initial Admin user has got (apart from various additional moderator bits).

If the demo isn't functioning as you expect, my advice is to create a new demo and start again. If you continue to have problems, please post the demo URL and detail the exact reproduction steps.