MG 2.2 Media Gallery overview

Tom McIntyre

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After a very long delay (over 5 years) we are finally getting around to actually setting up the Media Gallery for our site.
The overview in the first post seems a bit aged and I was wondering if there were an update to it somewhere.
We have recently moved our site to the cloud and I am interested in the use of CDN to improve performance of image handling but the reference in the overview no longer exists as far as I can tell.I was hoping to find some sort of design tutorial for the gallery and its mirror features.
XFMG is one of those add-ons (along with XFRM) that really need some attention paid to them to improve their interface and also the abilities (sure would be nice for XFMG to import any custom fields when mirroring).
So, if you are noticing it's a bit aged... it's because it is. There have not been very many major improvements in it since it was "brought over" from Chris's 3rd party gallery add-on.
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