Future Resource Plugins You Want To See Available?


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Times are changing, many other softwares are coming out with new things etc. but what would you like to see in some future resource plugins released here?

Seems like a lot of the same ol plugins just being released from other softwares, but what would be ground breaking to see happen in forum software your just dying to see happen?


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A Profile page which users could design as they like.

There was a lovely feature like this on an old vb going back to 3.6 I think but it got dropped later.
1. You could move the blocks of your profile page around. As it is now there's a lot of good info hidden behind tabs. I hate that. I have a custom template that drags the Information stuff out front, and adds fields to the sidebar. But there should be more member choice.
2. You could add optional blocks. eg a selection of pics.
3. You could change the colours. There was an amazing small diagram thing that looked like the page. You clicked an area, got a popup colour picker, selected it, and it changed. If you liked it, you Confirmed.

There was a lot of debate about how a lot of these amateur designs looked awful! It was clear if the site was about design, or needed to be impressive in a businesslike way, this feature did not suit.
But for a strongly community based site it was wonderful. Members LOVED designing their own profiles. They also helped each other a lot generating personal links and discussion.
It made visiting someone's profile page a really individual experience.
Also of course it can be a reward for good members.

John L.

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  • Resource Manager by XenForo (This can easily be customized into a review system)
  • Navigation Manager (Nodes as Tabs is nice, but something better)
  • Extended Pages
  • Gallery/Media (Robbo seems to be on top of this)
  • Portal (Sorry Jaxel, but we need something better)

Adam Howard

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Blogs ..... LB Blog, XI Blogs, and "Better Blogs" still do not have it right. We need something that will scream "sexy" to traditional blog users.

Media Center = Both photo gallery and movie gallery in 1 single add-on under the same navigation tab
(think lord of the rings... 1 add-on to rule them all)