XF 1.5 Friendly URL's Not Working

Hello XenForo,
I have attempted to activate Friendly URL's, and the only thing that changes is my home page. It removes the index.php part and works fine but all my forums, categories, and threads all come up with ERROR 404. What am I doing wrong? I follow the help page to the dot and it still never works. I have contacted my host (GoDaddy) but the issue isn't in their scope of support so I was lead here. Can anybody help me with this?



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If you have activated it in the ACP and the .htaccess file is in place, then only your host can help as it would suggest the server does not support it.
Well my issue is that the htaccess file is still there as htaccess.txt
I am having a strange error when renaming it to just .htaccess

So if I can make my file name just .htaccess, this should fix the issue?
What error?

Yes, renaming the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess should resolve it.
FURLs can't function without a valid .htaccess file.
I keep getting the error saying this.
"FileOp Failure on: /home/jadremann/public_html/htaccess.txt: Destination already exists"


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That would suggest an .htaccess file already exists - you will need to show hidden files in whichever application you are using to see it.

Rename the existing one to htaccess.old, rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess.
Thank you so much @Brogan! I greatly appreciate the help! I found that the .htaccess file was empty and hidden so I simply needed to show the hidden files and do what you recommended and it worked. No errors so far!