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XF 1.2 Forum shows 0 guests all the time


I just shared a post on facebook, goo.gl says 300 people clicked on the link. But my forum is always showing 0 guests. I even tried another laptop to see if it works and it's 0 guests all the time.

How to fix this problem? I fear there's a problem with the online status on my forum.

Thank you!


XenForo developer
Staff member
If all the IPs are the same, there's definitely a "reverse proxy" in there. There are ways to workaround it, though it's usually preferable for the host to workaround it at that level (as it affects web server logs and all applications, for example). I would recommend contacting them. At the least, if they won't deal with it at the web server level (with something like mod_rpaf), they should be able to tell you the HTTP header that contains the original IP.
So here's a brief of this issue:

All registered members and guests have the same IP = the IP of the server. So my hosting referred me to this tutorial (post 7):


I tried that and now all guests and members have this IP:

We tried this too:

With no success!

Appreciate any help and my hosting is helping me to sort this issue too!



XenForo developer
Staff member
That is a common fix. Have you confirmed that the original IP (only) is in that header/$_SERVER variable?