Add-on "Forum Alerts". Lets associate specific alert type to selected forum nodes


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I am experimenting with @Chris D's Pushover Add-on (which is really great by the way).

In my forum I want to have a specific "Comms" node that is reserved for emergencies only. So if someone posts in there he is in real trouble.

If the Alert system could be used to give forum nodes specific alerts and they are handled separately by the alert system, it would be possible to associate a specific alert sound to a specific forum with Pushover.

In addition to Posts, Likes, Comments, Media alerts you will have Node 1, Node 2, Node 3, etc alerts… (checkmark it in the forum nodes.) Who can receive the alerts is handled by the node permissions.

So, for example if you watch a specific forum you just don't get the "new post alert" but you will receive a specific alert that you can define by the admin like "Emergency! User XYZ request help! Click for the details…" with a "siren" sound or whatever… (and of course many other settings.)
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