Implemented Formated and Unformated emails

Cory Booth

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I would like the ability to "brand" my email notifications.
Granted, users should be able to choose if their emails are text or HTML - but....

Some of my users actually miss getting the logo based, nicely formated and colored emails I sent using prior CMS systems.

Again, understood most may think this is a crazy idea, but.... Something I think could be easily incorporated and atleast give xF Admins the ability to choose what to use....


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I agree the ability to send some emails in HTML format would be great... Though this should be 100% user option, I think some do indeed like the instant branding recognisation that comes with more rich emails.

I would not see this as highly important though.

Cory Booth

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@Ceri May
Agree with your comment....

But I have a bad habit of remembering all those (Gee I WISH I could) and then forgetting them again.
I want to get these thoughts in here as soon as I can so I don't forget them :)

I feel like I am submitting the "requirements" to the develoment team! LOL


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