XF 2.2 Sent and undelivered emails remain in what?


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I sent 1800 emails via php, suffering from my hosting limit of 500 emails only for sending via SMTP.
They then blocked my emails.
I wanted to know if the 1300 emails (which xf turned out to be sent correctly) are now in the sending queue because 4 days have passed and I still have the emails blocked.
Phew... depends on the hosting settings, you should not ask Xenforo but you should ask your host.
Normally 4-5 days resend could be the case, but some host just move them to /dev/null (delete) or use lesser limits.

None of us can view your mailqueue, only your host can. So you best ask him and ask for a solution.
Use authenticated SMTP and if you do and your host does not want to rais the limit for you, maybe it's time to find a new host which will. Or at least that your mails are kept in queue and will be send withing 3 days (3x500=1500 so 1300 mails should be possible with a 500 limit in 3 days).
I think you answered your own question.
From my understanding, XF hands the sending off to PHP... PHP then blasts those out. You exceeded the limits of what your host allows and those other 1300 went into the bit bucket as they aren't in a "queue" with XF once they are sent.
It's why if you are going to be blasting out that quantity of emails quickly... you need to engage a 3rd party service that will support your "needs".
They probably figured you were trying to bypass their SMTP send limits by not connecting to the SMTP server (which they may require as part of their terms of service?)
Pretty sure a lot of this was already explained..... but you may want to review your old discussion thread.

As to them "still having your emails blocked"... that is something you need to address with your hosting provider. I'm pretty sure they will either tell you to keep it within the 500 count limit, pursue an outside sending service for transactional emails or they may have a "higher priced" tier for sending large quantities of email they try to up sell you into.
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