XF 2.2 loading image urls and hitting the auth/login-token request API trigger verification emails


Im making a native mobile app and i am noticing that when i download an image from a URL that i get back from the Rest API and also when hitting the auth/login-token post request that it triggers for a verification token email to be sent out to users who have two factor notification on.

Does anyone know of a way to limit this behaviour as it makes for a poor experience to constantly have these emails being blasted out when images load or when i need to hit that login-token request
the image download triggering a 2fa verification email was strange to me so i did some more digging. Appears that it's because a redirect is happening.

whats strange is that the image can be loaded anyways -- the 2fa doesn't actually get in the way of that -- whether loading in the app or in an (un logged in/incognito) browser.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 10.53.14 AM.webp
@Chris D or @truonglv any ideas if there's a place via a plugin where i can bypass the triggering of these emails under these circumstances?
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