Lack of interest Allow use of IMAP folders for bounce and unsubscribe emails

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I suggest adding an IMAP "folder" config option for "bounces" and "unsubscribe" emails to reduce the number of email addresses that we need.

Google is going to start charging many of us $12/month per "user" or email address. I want to get rid of these two:

IMAP can download and view individual folders. By default, it accesses the INBOX "folder", but it can also be made to access other folders that the user has set up in the email account.

The laminas library XF uses is set up for folders. Let's use it.

To use this,
  • I would change the emails to aliases of another email address (like
  • Route the messages to two separate folders /bounces and /unsubscribe

I would like to think that this wouldn't be too difficult to code. An add-on doesn't seem to be possible.

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OK, I'm not sure where to post this, but here are my notes for a workaround. Basically, Google Workspace allows for routing emails to another mail provider.

steps for bounce handler:
create a Gmail/google account, or other free email address with IMAP
    in Gmail, create filter to not send emails to spam folder
        search for your domain name, choose the "options" icon, "create filter", "Never send to spam", "Create Filter"
    set up 2-factor authentication
        Letter icon in top right corner, Manage your Google Account, 2-step verification
    Security, App passwords, create app password, save it for later
go to
    Add Another Rule
    Give it a name: "route bounced messages to gmail"
    map to address:
    options: I check "Add X-Gm-Original-To header", though probably not necessary
go to
    rename to

AdminCP, Options, Email Options
    Bounced email address: leave it the same,
    automated bounced email handler: IMAP,,, SSL, the app password from before

Test email to Make sure it is forwarded to the gmail account
In a few days and every once in a while, make sure that it is working.
For bounces, check the "Email bounce log" in the AdminCP.
In Gmail, click on "All Mail" to see emails that Xenforo archived for you after processing.
When sure, go back and delete so Google doesn't charge you.

I just saved you a bunch of money, so like this post or something.
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