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Hi everyone,

I apologize for not keeping up with this thread and updating the theme for XenForo 1.2. I am actually currently studying electrical engineering at a top-tier engineering university in the US and am involved with several other things. Unfortunately, real life > internet hobbies at the moment.

As Mike mentioned, I have sold the theme (including the dark variant) to Audentio Design. This is really for the best as I am realistically unable to update it in a timely manner even though the process is rather simple. The theme is in good hands and Audentio will have a vested interest in maintaining it. Just to reiterate some things that have already been mentioned:
  • The theme will remain free, at least in its current state.
  • Existing branding-free licences will be honored.
  • It will be up to Audentio to decide whether they want to continue to offer a branding-free option, and how much that might cost, as well as other options and additions to the theme. It is their product now.
As you may have guessed I have not followed the last 20-some pages of this thread. There are likely outstanding bugs in the theme and other problems - if these have gone unaddressed I would recommend re-posting them so they are brought to Audentio's attention.

I am surprised and honored that this theme is still receiving so much attention even though it has not been updated in quite a while. I am not done from XenForo themeing forever, but I'm just way too busy right now to put time into something that is basically just a hobby.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reply; I will try to follow this thread closely for the next week or so. Otherwise, you can email me personally at erik@erikswan.com.



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Thank you Jeremy!

Ill get started with Erik's latest version and have some kind of road map for 1.3.
Some issues with the last version from my recollection
  • top and bottom breadcum not responsive
  • sidebar on RM index
  • new sprite icons for the editor
  • Nav Menu issue
  • Log in dropdown menu

Mike Creuzer

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Have you got a chance to install and look at it yet?
I haven't had time to look at everything, but here is the plan:

1. The skin will be entirely recoded. The reason for this is
  • a. I want fewer template edits so that upgrades are easier for you all.
  • b. Code standards change, and my style is different, so it just makes sense for long term work.
2. I'm hoping to have a release in a month. Right now I am finishing up some custom work, but when thats done I'll start this up.

3. I'm going to code this into UI.X as well, since I feel it would take me about the best of an hour to do so. But that will likely come after the non-UI.X one is finished.


Jake Sully

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sounds good that your taking over the flexile design Audentio :) i hope you will keep it as a free xenforo design like Erik did :)
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