Fixed Firefox: Drag & Drop of BMP image yields "message is too long" error

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In Firefox, it's possible to drag & drop a BMP image onto the editor. The BMP image is rendered just fine in the editor. But when you attempt to post the message, XenForo shows a misleading error that probably isn't very helpful for the average user: "The submitted message is too long to be processed. Please shorten it."

(When you attempt to drag & drop a BMP image onto the editor in Chrome, the whole page is unloaded and replaced with the image. This isn't great either but at least it's obvious what went wrong.)


Chris D

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We've worked around this particular case in the next release. The image just won't be inserted anymore in Firefox so hopefully that will stop the data too long error. The Chrome behaviour stands, however. Chrome seems to just totally hijack everything and assume you want it to display the image 🤷‍♂️