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Can those of you that have gone out of your way to complain about my previous avatar; please tell me how I go about reporting an avatar/image as well?

It seems I have a little bit of free time, right now and my schedule is also open this evening between 7:30pm - 8pm as well, given this free time and lack of a life I would love to spend that time complaining about some of the images I see here on the site.

It's not really that these images overly offend me, but it seems enough people complained about my previous avatars, and I really just want to fit in... Monkey see monkey Dooooo :)

Thanks for the help and any information on where the "report" option is or the process...

I would assume this post is satisfactory and should remain in place since it's genuine and other members that pay for a service here, make one post, and then have complaints about an avatar... well they'll probably have the same question as I do and this post will probably provide some thing for them to relate with, and converse about :)

Thank you, again.

..... High tension around here....
funny I sensed this on my first post how long ago.... lol.

Have a GREAT day Ladies :)
Just report their post and then mention it's the avatar rather than the content.

No other option.

However, if you "really just want to fit in..." then perhaps standing out isn't the best concept for blending in.
I must have missed the drama......

Can't imagine what kind of avatar you had to cause an issue. But this is corporate site and I would imagine anything not work safe (assuming that was the case) would be an issue & not proper here.

In before the lock

+ reported.
looks like female anatomy / pRoN.
It is a painting.

Titled: Reconstructing The Amygdala.
From: The Lucid Dream.
Artist: Yours Truly

Why on earth would this thread get locked? Is it not in the right category? I couldn't find the forums for "pissing and moaning about pointless crap" So I just assumed "Off Topic" would work.

Your avatar is staring me down and smiling at me. I'm not sure I like that, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon...

I might have to report it in an hour, I know I originally mentioned I wouldn't be too busy around 7:30, but right now I'm trying to actually understand the prefix thing. Trying to get a feel for a lot of the features actually, but the prefix kinda has me stumped since my forums is Art related. and I'm not sure how I can make use of it for my site. I watched the video too, but that didn't do much for me... just confused me more. HAHAHA fml..

What I am saying here DD is if I don't get around to reporting your avatar between 7:30/8pm this evening; don't get all disappointed k.

I'll eventually have a really crappy day and report it for tryin to stare me down... but again it may not be this evening.
Yeah I recognized the sunflower ;) I was addicted to that game for a while when it first came out. I used to occupy myself with the demo version on walmart PCs while my girl would go shopping.
Anyone in here know how to properly create a layout for the 8wayrun portal? I am trying to create one for the main forums layout but I am having issues with the type/id settings... website
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