XF 2 Add-on to make the user approval queue work the same way as the report queue


I would like to know what it would cost to develop an add-on that changes the moderator approval queue for new users to behave the same way that the report queue works. The main goal of the add-on is to provide a way for moderators to discuss whether or not to approve new applications, and be able to contact the user to get clarification on their application data or to provide a rejection reason.

I have provided mock up screenshots of what I want it to look like.

The main approval queue page will look similar to the default /reports page:


The page will list all users in the approval queue, the number of comments that have been made by moderators on the application, and when the application was submitted by the user.

The "Reviewed applications" tab will show all previously processed applications, ordered by submitted date descending.

When you open an application, it will look similar to an individual report:


As noted in the mock up, the section that displays all the user's information needs to show all custom user fields that are defined in the database, as well as the ability to modify this template to add additional data. For example, I have another add-on that display's a user's Minecraft skin, and I want to be able to add it here for display.

The "Start a new conversation with testuser1" button should open in a new tab, with the subject automatically filled out. The subject should be configurable via a XenForo phrase. Once the conversation has been started, a link to this conversation should appear in the "Comments" section so that other moderators can view what was said in the conversation. (I have a separate add-on that allows moderators to view all conversations.)

I would also like the "Reject with reason" section to be expanded/enhanced. I would like the ability to create custom rejection templates that the moderator can select when responding to the application. This will require some dialog with you, the developer, on what options are available to implement this.

I think everything else is self explanatory, but please let me know if you have other questions or need more clarification.

Thank you.
We have the expertise to get this project done. Just started a private conversation to discuss further!
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