Server issue File uploading & open_basedir



Please enter a valid file name. The requested file could not be read.
Please use is_uploaded_file, move_uploaded_file functions for correctly working with open_basedir restrictions


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I don't think this is a xenforo bug.

Check your open_basedir value, your forum root directory should been there.

Chris D

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XenForo already uses those functions, so, like Sheratan, I believe you have some other issue.


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We do use those functions, but we still need to read the file in various cases. We could look to move the file to a temporary location, but that's likely a waste of time in 99.9% of cases (especially if the temp folder is on a different partition and the data has to be copied over) and creates greater possibility for orphaned temporary data.

If your upload temp directory is outside your open_basedir, it's usually a best practice in general to move it (or to expand open_basedir to allow access to the temp dir).