Favourite Discovery So Far?


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The main thing i loved is the UI improvements. Especially the clean design is nice. However we need a Bug tracker :)
The little stuff so far - love the drop down menus top right, the pop-ins when you click a "who's online", some of the registration form structure etc :) It finally feels like a "web app".


Favorite discovery is when you login to the admin cp the big logo zooms out to the mini logo in the top.


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I really like the profile preview boxes, but I have to admit I didn't expect to see the trophy feature... I had looked at it under the Alerts box in confusion, but that disappeared quickly. Very nifty and fun feature; I assume that it can be extended to other things, not just the amount of posts? Perhaps uploading your first avatar, creating a signature, etc.

Overall I'm amazed. I keep finding a number of new surprises so I'm not quite sure exactly which to pick first.


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Right now, it's very static criteria (>X days registered, >X posts, >X likes), but we want to do hooks to give you trophies for specific events. They have to be implemented specifically, whereas the criteria-based ones can be built by admins.