XF 1.5 Favicon and Apple Icons?


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The site in question is http://wranglerforum.org.

I've got a favicon.ico in my root directory, but even after clearing the cache it doesn't show up in any browser. Am I missing something? Is there a place in XenForo I am overlooking where you can set the favicon?

Lastly, is there somewhere in XenForo (or some way?) to add Apple app icons?

Mr Lucky

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I've never quite understood this but adding the Facebook open graph logo in style properties shows up on iOS as a logo

Favicons are notoriously slow at recaching


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I see you favicon now.

The open graph icon is indeed used for the Apple icon as well.


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Okay, maybe it's just me... I see my favicon in Chrome and Firefox (no IE as I'm on a Mac), but I can't see it in Safari.

Can anyone verify that they see the favicon on my site in Safari (on a desktop, not iOS)?


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I've emptied the cache in Sarari but still no luck. I'll try deleting the icon, just wanting to see if it's working for anyone else in Safari.

It's odd, because the favicon works in Safari when I'm in the admin CP, but when I go to the main forum page, no more favicon.
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