XF 1.1 Facebook Integration Question-Stuck


I've set up my Facebook AP ID and secret and tested it on XF and it passed so all good.

The next section on XF help regarding:
Facebook Recommend and Registered Friends Features ...

I'm confused here.

The '2 additional features' referenced here in the help...How do I set this up?
It doesn't say how unless I'm missing something.

Any detailed help on this would be appreciated.

Thanks. :)


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
This is Facebook Recommend:


So just the Facebook Recommend / Like button.

To enable that, search Admin CP for "like". On the same page you can change the term from Recommend to Like or vice-versa.

Just below it those settings is the settings to turn on the Registered Friends Feature.

This will show to anyone who is logged in to Facebook who out of their friends is registered to the site.

Here's how it looks on my site:


This appears in a few places, specifically on the Facebook Integration page and the Members page.
Hi Chris,

I have 'Enable Facebook Like / Recommend Feature' selected already
and 'Enable Facebook Registered Friends Feature' selected already as well.

So am I good to go? (I think I am).


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
One way of knowing:

Are your Facebook buttons showing on the Share This Page section?

If you're logged in to Facebook, do you see the Registered Friends feature on the Members page?