Is it worth trying to fix my Facebook integration?

Semper Fidelis

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I'm running the latest version of Xeforo and ,after several years of integrating the Facebook API into my forum, Facebook deactivated it because it said it needed to be able to test my App.

I set up the app following the Xenforo instructions way back when. I'm not a programmer and I really don't need the hassle of keep the App up to date.

Has anyone found any practical benefit to keeping the Facebook integration alive? I'm thinking I'm just going to delete the integration and be done with it.
I guess that depends on how many users you have that use the FB integration and whether it's something potential members want.
We set it up and I am not sure if anyone bothered to use it. I use our Google integration myself, but I am not on FB.
Just use the FB appeal link and give them a link to your log-in page, or tell them where to find it, and they can then test the app.

That's all they want
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