Facebook Integration problem


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My users are now reporting that they cannot sign in through facebook. After a couple of reports I decided to go into the tools section and test the integration for facebook. An error unsurprisingly popped up:
Your server could not connect to Facebook (https://graph.facebook.com). Try again later. If the issue persists, contact your host.
Before it use to be an on and off thing but now it seems to be quite consistent. I am not sure how I can fix this, since I don't see much in the server error log. I am probably missing a huge part of my facebook audience just because they can't login. Any fix or advice would be appreciated.

Chris D

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I found this thread elsewhere on the subject:


The solution in their case was:

Figured out the problem. Although I had CurlSSL compiled into Apache and OpenSSL installed on the server, OpenSSL wasn't compiled into Apache. Once I rebuilt Apache with OpenSSL, the Facebook integration works fine now.
So, like the error states, you should probably try to get in touch with your host.