Facebook Integration for FB Groups.


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Hi Guys,

I know you can login via FB and there are mods to ping posts & updates out to your personal facebook page, but I don't know if there is anything that will work as I need it to.

The scenario is that I've setup a community FB page for the new housing development we've moved onto. Its going well (60 people so far, which is about half of the development), but we're getting to the point where a FB group has reached its limits and we ideally need to move to a forum.

The problem is that people are some are going to prefer the FB page - it does have the advantage that its integrated into FB and thus you know when new content is around via the FB notifications and you don't need to remember to go off onto the forum to check for new info.

Is there a way to post new forum thread notifications onto a FB *group* page? Just to complicate it further, we have 3 groups at the moment, so the forum would have to post updates to different groups, depending in which forum category the post was made.

i.e. if someone posts a new thread then FB adds a link to the thread on the group's wall. I've seen some addons that do this, but for pages, I don't know if any work with groups.

What I'm hitting at I guess, is a product which acts a stepping stone to migrate from a FB Group into a full blown forum. Keeping the FB notifications for those on FB but opening it up to those not on facebook.

I don't know if it has any effect, but all of the 3 groups are private groups.


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No one got any ideas on this - Going from Facebook groups to Xenforo is a natural progression, if I'm running into these concerns, I'm sure others will do too!