Github Integration for certain sub-forums


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First of all, I've tried the demo and I'm absolutely astonished!

I tried many many Forum Softwares, WBB, MyBB, PHPBB, and all of that but XenForo is my absolute Favorit in terms of functionality and price but also that you get a year of updates because on WBB for example you have to "Upgrade" your license for certain Updates, so Thanks for making such an awesome Software XenForo Team!

but now to my question.

I was thinking of buying a XenForo license next week and was curious if there is some type of Github Issue Automation

So for example lets say I have a Suggestions Sub-Forum where you can make a thread and suggest something that is filled out via Template or whatever we will choose
if the issue gets "Approved" via a label it should automatically be created in a GitHub project board.

Would something like this be possible? I've looked through the addons but didn't really found anything.
That type of integration is definitely possible but it's not something built-in and as you noted I haven't really seen anything similar in our Resources section.

But as a framework, XF is incredibly flexible and extensible and there are certainly events in the code that you can hook into to make this kind of thing happen, and tools built-in, such as Guzzle as a HTTP client, to allow you to interface with external APIs.

So, yes, possible, but something that would require custom development.
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