XF 2.1 Enable push notifications for individual user


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How do you enable push notifications from the backend for a user who has:

a) previously opted out of notifications, OR
b) never had a chance to opt in or out because he hasn't logged in since the upgrade from XF1 to XF2?

I only see the option to enable email notifications for individual users from the admin panel but not push notifications.


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Wouldn’t this require them to approve on their device thus there’s no way for you to “force” things?
Exactly that... imagine person A could somehow force push notifications to person B's device without their specific consent or approval. Talk about a push notification spam nightmare every smart phone user in the world would be subject to.


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Yeah, I just realized that these notifications have to be enabled per device (as opposed to per account).

As far as spamming goes, I'm not really buying that it would create any kind of nightmare scenario. We are only talking about people who have created an account, not every smartphone user in the world. And it wouldn't be person A pushing notifications to person B, it would be the forum's admin. This isn't very different from sending out mass emails (something many major forums are very guilty of), because most people have push notifications enabled for email.

With push, it only takes one press to disable it. With email, who knows if unsubscribe will even work (it often doesn't).


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To answer your question, you can’t turn it on, and for good reason........Spam.

As for your arguement why Spam isn’t a legit argument, that’s a conversation you’ll need to have with Google, Microsoft, Apple, and so forth.