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We are having some trouble with push notifications and while checking we discovered "Enable push notifications" check box and explanation is missing from Xenforo PWA setup Options on our install. (v2.2.9) (PHP version 7.1.33) not ideal but panel says "You can only enable this option if you are using PHP 7.1 or above"

We have "Your board meets the requirements to be an installable progressive web app." in green

Is there something we need to do to make check box appear?

PS we have installed a demo and PWA and push notifications work fine on Edge.
There is a permission to check too. Make sure you check it.
Thank you we have checked the "Use push notifications:" User group permissions in Groups & permissions. Is that the permission you were referring to?

However we cannot check "Enable push notifications" check box. It's not there

Here is our PWA options. Blue arrow points to missing check box and explanation

Here is same area in demo site
Any help would be appreciated, thank you (Solved found in Setup>Options>User alerts and notifications)

Still try to get push notifications working!
Any help appreciated
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Looked harder and found it. In v2.2.9 it only appears in Setup>Options>User alerts and notifications

Unfortunately that doesn't solve our push notifications issue.
Thanks for your time.
When I look at the URL for our site _pwa=1 is added. Can anyone tell me what it means? Is it a problem?

Right now we get this message
but no push notifications

App Manifest includes Note
Note: id is not specified in the manifest, start_url is used instead. To specify an App Id that matches the current identity, set the id field to /forumxf/?_pwa=1

Anyone able to help please?
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I posted about this before but I wasn't very clear.

Currently we are using v2.2.9 and PHP version 7.1.33 (we have an old VB which requires 7.1.3 which we are looking to migrate)
Site is running https and gmp support is enabled (4.3.1)

We have
  • "Your board meets the requirements to be an installable progressive web app." in green
  • "Enable push notifications" is checked.
  • "Use push notifications:" User group permissions in Groups & permissions is yes
From a user perspective after enabling push notifications we get
  • Push notifications success message in Windows Notifications & Android
However we don't get
  • Conversations or
  • Alert messages in Windows Notifications or Android
Can you please advise next steps in troubleshooting?

ps I enrolled for a 7 day demo and implemented 'Push' on that without any issues
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If you submit a ticket with credentials for a test account then someone may be able to help diagnose the issue further, but there's not much to go on as it stands. As always it's worth testing on the default style with all add-ons disabled, and potentially updating to the latest release.
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