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Implemented Empty required and not editable custom fields...

Discussion in 'Closed Suggestions' started by Liam W, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Liam W

    Liam W Well-Known Member

    I just added a custom field to one of my sites, set it to required and not user editable.

    I go to enter it into my profile, and it's not there. After a few clicks of confusion, I realise it's because of the not editable flag.

    My suggestion is to allow users to edit blank custom fields, or recently added custom fields, even if they aren't user editable (but required).

  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    Your suggestion contradicts what User Editable implies. Use the "Editable only once" option and make it user editable.
  3. Liam W

    Liam W Well-Known Member

    But then they can change it after they registered, if they already set it.

    They should be able to set it only once...
  4. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    Read my post again, and follow the instructions. It does what you want.
  5. Liam W

    Liam W Well-Known Member

    If I set that then they can set it at registration ans then change it once...
  6. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    That's not how the option works though. As soon as it has a value, it's not editable by the user.
    Liam W and Chris D like this.
  7. Liam W

    Liam W Well-Known Member

    Yup, I was thinking something different for some reason...

    Thanks all, sorry!


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