XF 2.1 MAIL_CONTAINER not editable


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I am trying to remove the forum title in my email templates
as i edit the template mail_container i get an error
i noticed the template is underlined into orange

2021-03-16 21_45_01.png

2021-03-16 21_46_53.png



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From my experience, that error pops up when there's some sort of security blocking it. Server-side firewall of sorts. Right click the page, click inspect element and view the console, it'll give you more details.


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Yes it is a mod_sec issue.
I tried adding rule in htaccess but this had no effect and deactivating this module is not a clever solution as it is a security module ;)

We are facing lot of attacks on
Apache-Error: [file "/builddir/build/BUILD/httpd-2.2.15/modules/aaa/mod_authz_host.c"]

Studying this and looking for a way to add an exception rule.

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