XF 2.2 Admin Editable Custom Fields


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Hello Everyone,
I am currently stuck on something with my new forum and would greatly appreciate some help if anyone could point me in the right direction.

I am attempting to make Custom Profile Fields in which as the admin/moderator only I can edit.
These fields don't need to be displayed on the user profile but in the message postbit.

Context: I am running an online competition where a user gets given a team name - I'd like to be able to go in and enter that team name and have it display in the postbit so that others interacting with them will know what team they are talking to.

I am using @Russ Edge Theme and at the moment I just cannot get it to appear in there despite the options being ticked in the settings panel when creating a new profile field for it to appear there.

Any help, ideas or suggestions?
It was - however I just found out I set the Custom Field up wrong. I set it up as a Preference. Apparently when I change it to personal details or contact details it displays - so that is good enough for me. It was thanks to your help however sending me back to 'fiddle' with the settings - so thankyou so much.

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