XF 2.2 Email activation going to junk


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So my email activation is working (new forum set up) but the activation emails go to junk - probably because the sender email address is weird,. It's


How do I change the email address from that gobbledook? The U number at the beginning is my SQL server number (hence the xxx;s to blank some out)
As Brogan said.. it's a hosting issue. Your ISP is rewriting outbound email to show as coming from a different address. And let me make a recommendation... try to avoid hosting providers that SO loudly tout they are WordPress hosting providers.
Thanks - yes they have sorted it out - mostly. I'm trying to get everythign up and running on this new forum asap as have people joining it already. I can't remember if I need to set anything in admin panel about seo and google.
What is wrong with that in general?
Too often their skill level consists of trouble shooting WordPress specific issues (referring to shared hosting specifically). You host other scripts on a "WordPress" emphasis site and you can frequently fail to get the level of support that a script other than WP needs.
I have, several times, had to interact in the past when helping others and the hosting provider was one that primarily dealt with WP and related scripts. Their WP problem solving didn't translate well over to the scripts that were being used, and in one case I was told by support that they really could not help if it wasn't WordPress.
A general hosting provider typically has a wider exposure to other scripts and idiosyncrasies of them.

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 2.27.30 AM.png

To their benefit, they do appear to offer VPS's also, so I would hope that their techs have standard skill levels for that service.
And if they are "Main Hosting"... their parent company appears to be the ever illustrious GoDaddy.
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My server is Hostinger. They've been really helpful in sorting all sorts :). They do seem to have Wordpress as an option but also other things. They weren't familiar with Xenforo but helped me with stuff generally.
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