XF 1.3 Editor Toolbar, Spoiler BB Code and MultiQuote

Today, I'm going to show you a handful of changes in XenForo 1.3 that are all related to posting and editing messages.

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  • Editor toolbar adjustments
  • [SPOILER] BB Code
  • MultiQuote


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Video Mode :)
Thanks Kier!

Edit: Love the Multi Quotes Feature and Drag and Drop (y)
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Great Multiquote, yes!

What misses is a partial Quote. Mark a subset of a text and only quote this.

Is it possible to close a spoiler?


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It's possible to disable multiquote overload ?

Seems like a potentially superfluous option for this system alone, as nothings stopping them just hitting the reply button as is currently possible. But maybe one to consider in terms of maximum quotage in general...

Daniel Hood

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I didn't see the drag and drop to order the quote selections coming. Great implementation. That's definitely going to be used [by me].


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Great additions, nice to see a Spoiler code in the core and as for this implementation of Multi-quote with drag and drop ordering, it's superb! :D

Luke F

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What happens to spoilers inside quotes and nested quotes?

What happens to quotes inside spoilers?

What happens if you click to expand an image inside a spoiler inside an unexpanded quote? (especially where the unexpanded quote is below the minimum threshold to actually have an expand button)

All issues with most existing spoiler tags
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Liam W

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Where are my earphones?!?

Found them, watching on the way to a portal...

Looks good!

EDIT: OK, that multiquote system is just amazing...!

Spoiler BB Code - Yay!

Really good additions.

I need this update :p

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