XF 1.3 Most recent table addons for bb code and html

Hi xenforos!

I have recently obtained a licence and wish to convolute my old forum databases onto the xenforo forum.

The purpose of my forum, is that of creating a free access library of sorts, which contains information not necessarily available over mainstream sources, such as wikipedia and the subscription data bases.
I have chosen xenforo for the purpose of allowing future developments in a dynamic form of information exchange.
I have however encountered a number of (seemingly rather basic) problems with transferring messages from bb code editors, which allow table inserts and basic html code.

My reason for posting this is so to ask what the most recent bb code addons are, so I can begin to create my information base in USING the templates used by say Invision Forum and other hosted websites, which do allow table inserts and html translations.

In detail, my problem is, that any pasted code from such forums into Xenforo, does NOT translate into its previous form, requiring many forms of edits. As I have a few years of messages to transfer, not having tables and particular html code printed in readable form; consitutes a monumental amount of work, which seems unneccesary for a dynamic development platform such as Xenforo.

My server domain is first accessed via a Joomla platform www.cosmosdawn.net which then links to www.cosmosdawn.com/forum and so would be amenable to further development of integration between platforms. But this is not necessary at this time.

I have checked the knowledgebase here, but it seems some of my queries are related to development aims regarding bridges and table integration between open and subscribed source code.

I am not very familiar with advanced computer code, but can adapt to basic challenges to integrate, given the platform appropriate instructions.

Thanks for your considerations!

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