Fixed Editor remove format


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1) Click on bold (for example)
2) Type text
3) select range from right to left (full range)
4) click on remove format

It doesn't work
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The problem doesn't occur on Chrome or IE10, but with FF. Need to check if it doesn't come from my version (nightbuild).


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Unfortunately, I can't reproduce it with FF21 or even with the current Aurora version.


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That's strange. I've just tested with my other laptop and the problem is there too (Firefox 21). I will try later to disable any plugins.


I can reproduce it on Firefox 21 - Windows 7.

EDIT: in order to make this bug happen, add step #0 to @cclaerhout instructions:

Step #0: click on the editor (focus manually) before clicking Bold.

If you skip step #0 then the bug will not occur.


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Confirmed here (Win 7 - FF 21) - Click editor (to activate), click button, type, select text, click [Tx] to remove formatting ... doesn't remove. (y)

[Edit:] That wasn't showing as bold in the editor either!! :eek:

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Confirmed (FF21 on W8), also noticed weird behaviour that while this bug is occurring and the start of the selection touches the middle or right-hand edge of bold text, part of the bold text is unbolded.


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I just produced this, win 7 - FF21.0, clicking bold first, do some text, highlight remove formatting button nothing happens.
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